Don’t you love the smell of the air after a lightning storm?

That smell signifies that nature has just cleansed the air. When lightning passes through the air, it charges the oxygen gas that we breath and converts it into a super strong sanitizer called “ozone.”

We have a video we would like to share with you about nature’s cleaning agent:


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Ozone cleans and sanitizes up to 3200 times faster than chlorine bleach! It’s a very safe sanitizer. In fact, that refreshing taste from bottled water comes from… yes, you guessed it… being sanitized using ozone.

Ozone has been used to remove bacteria from water and the air. Some cities treat the water supply, in fact, with nature’s perfect sanitizer.

Ozone also deodorizes. Many people may remember when linens were hung on a clothesline outside and how they smelled fresh. The ozone in the air helped to deodorize that laundry.

Commercial laundry operations have used ozone to refresh hotel and medical laundry for decades. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recognizes ozone as an alternative method to wash bacteria-laden linen instead of using hot water with chlorine bleach.

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