It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means the halls are decked with holiday decorations including table cloths, table runners, kitchen towels, bathroom towels, and other types of fabric décor. 

Stains on your holiday linens can put a damper on the festive mood. If you pulled out your Christmas or Hanukkah or other holiday decorations and you find that they don’t smell their best and they look dusty and old, giving them a proper wash may help to breathe life back into those cherished items.

Fabric table cloths give a dining room or kitchen dining area a look of elegance and protect wooden tables from unfortunate spills or drips which could mar the finish. However, these food stains can cause unsightly blemishes. However, you may be able to remove some of those stains. We offered some tips previously on how to treat fabrics for common food stains – check out that article here.

If you cook, your kitchen towels and linens will have seen better days by the time you’ve complete baking all those holiday cookies and prepared the “roast beast” for the family get-together. Use that same guide to remove or at least pre-treat those stains before you decide to simply chuck your cooking towels in the trash. If, however, your towels become full of oily grease, be sure NOT to place them in the drier – the grease could catch fire.

Many people adorn their bathrooms with festive towels, linens, and fabric shower curtains. With company coming over, you might find that grandma’s lipstick or auntie’s mascara might be found on the towels. We also wrote a story on how to remove some of these stains which you can read here.

Schedule Pickup-and-Delivery Laundry for the Holidays

This time of year is incredibly busy, so who has time to do all that extra laundry? Plus, you want to make a great first impression on your houseguests. Schedule a pick-up-and-delivery laundry service with Drop & Dash Laundry in Chicago, IL. We will work to make all of these celebrational elements plus your ugly sweaters and your holiday outfits clean and fresh delivered nicely folded and ready for use at your doorstep. 

Plus, we offer the only Ozone Power Wash in town to help ensure that you have the deepest, most powerful and freshest-smelling clean clothes and linens available.