Did you know that Drop & Dash Laundry Service, Chicago’s Premier Pickup-and-Delivery Laundry Service, has strong ties to Su Nueva Lavanderia – a network of five Chicago laundromats with many positive reviews? It’s true! If you and you family do your laundry at the local “coin laundry,” or if you are just getting started with going to the laundromat, we wrote this article for you:

Sort Your Clothes

To get the most out of your wash, we highly recommend sorting your clothes:

  • Sort by color: group your clothes by dark, medium, and light to avoid colors leaching out of deeply colored fabrics and affecting your lights or whites.
  • Sort by fabric type: wash towels and heavier fabrics in a different load than finer fabrics. Keep zippers and buttons away from delicates like knits and lingerie.

Measure Detergent Carefully

High efficiency washers such as those you will find at most local laundries require a certain amount of laundry product per wash cycle. This includes detergent, bleach, and/or fabric softener. Be sure to read the directions and avoid using too much detergent or other solutions. 

Avoid Overloading the Machines

You can have too much of a good thing! Stuffing your washing machine completely makes the wash ineffective. Moreover, you can overwork the machine and cause costly damages. If you load your dryer beyond the recommended capacity, you could end up with clothes which are still wet or, worse, machines that simply won’t work properly. Try to fill the machine no more than ½ to ⅔ full or according to the instructions on the machine.

Keep an Eye on Your Laundry

With all of the clothes within the laundromat, you want to be sure that you know which items are yours. Be sure to be aware of which machines are in use by you, and keep your clothes and belongings close to your at all times.

Be Respectful of Others

You neighbors visit the local laundromat, so it can be quite a community center. Respect other people in what you say and do. Don’t be one of those people who remove other people’s clothes from the washer or the dryer. Be polite and patient.

Let Us Do Your Wash for You 

You can skip the laundromat altogether, but get an incredibly commercially clean set of laundry done quickly, affordably, and without any separation, threats of overloading, or watching your clothes and linens. Schedule a laundry pickup with Drop and Dash Laundry Service, and let us do all the work. This is doing laundry the easy way!